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Easy ways you can help parks and related conservation efforts


El Paso Conservation Efforts

1. Franklin and Organ Mountains Conservation Cooperative. A newly formed Franklin/Organ Mountains Conservation Cooperative will champion community efforts to develop a landscape conservation plan that helps identify lands for population growth and development while protecting components of the landscape that contribute to healthy ecosystem functions. Rick LoBello, Education Curator, City of El Paso Zoo, states: “A trans-boundary process involving all stakeholders, both public and private, to promote wildlife and habitat conservation is important to protecting the Franklin Mountains region including adjoining mountain ranges. This effort to conserve the biodiversity and participatory sustainable management of natural resources will help to ensure the desert ecosystem.”Like the New Conservation Cooperative Page NOW. Download and read the
Franklin Organ Mountains Conservation Cooperative White Paper.


2. Help save desert lands surrounding Franklin Mountains State Park. The undersigned ask that the El Paso City Council pass the following ordinance: The City of El Paso shall preserve, in its natural state and in perpetuity, all of the undeveloped land owned by the City of El Paso (including that controlled and managed by the PSB) on the western side of the Franklin Mountains that is north of Transmountain, east of the EPNG Pipeline Road and south of the New Mexico/El Paso boundary; and shall also preserve, in its natural state and in perpetuity, all of the undeveloped land owned by the City of El Paso (including that controlled and managed by the PSB) on the eastern side of the Franklin Mountains that is north of Transmountain, west of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and south of the New Mexico/El Paso boundary. The City shall take all steps necessary to preserve all of this land and to prevent it from being developed with either private development or major public roadways.”Help collect signatures on the petition or go and sign it at one of the listed petition locations.

3. EL PASO ZOO and Tesso Nilo National Park Sumatra, Indonesia. The palm oil industry is out of control in Southeast Asia and numerous national parks and endangered wildlife are suffuring greatly. Download the free El Paso Zoo Palm Oil Guide and Scanner and learn more about how you can help protect elephants at Tesso Nilo National Park plus Sumatran tigers and other endangered species on the island.Download the free app now!

4. Help save the Castner Range area of the Franklin Mountains in Northeast El Paso. The Frontera Land Alliance, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition have teamed up using grant funds to produce a new video by Jackson Pope to assist in conserving Castner Range. All involved hope to preserve the natural areas, wildlife corridors and natural springs that occur on Castner Range, Fort Bliss. The Castner Range Conservation Report is available! This 104-page study was prepared for the Castner Conservation Conveyance Committee ("4-C's") by SONRI Inc., of Boerne, TX and CALIBRE Systems, Inc. of Alexandria, VA with funding from a $300,000 grant obtained with the assistance of El Paso's Congressman Silvestre Reyes and administered through the Department of Defense's Office of Economic Adjustment.”Learn more and Take Action.

Regional Conservation Efforts

1. Friends of the Proposed Big Bend - Rio Bravo International Park In 2010, President Obama and President Calderón announced that both the U.S. and Mexico would work jointly in leading the development of an Action Plan for the Big Bend/Rio Bravo Protected Area. We need our representatives in Congress and the Senate to pass legislation in concert with the government of Mexico creating the international park for the purpose of and the need to promote the long-term protection of the region's fascinating flora and fauna.

The establishment of the international park would not require new international bridges and crossings or that new lands be acquired. Current land-management practices in both countries would not have to change.

The giant park would help both countries better address key issues such as protection water and air quality, control of invasive species, and management of wildland fire.

The park would become a permanent monument and symbol of peace between the U.S. and Mexico, one that will celebrate the friendship between the two countries and be a meeting ground where the people of both countries and citizens from all parts of the world could come together to learn about each other's culture while coming to better understand the natural world that they all share.”Sign up for email news updates.

2. Fossil Bone Exhibit at Big Bend National Park, Texas. You can speak out against this government boondoggle by signing the petition now!


International Conservation Efforts

1. Keep oil out of Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can help protect Africa's oldest national park by signing the petition now!

National Conservation Efforts

1. Adirondack Park wilderness designation Adirondack Forest Preserve, New York. You can help create a wilderness area in Adirondack State Park in New York by signing the Adirondack Park petition now!

2. Stop the slaughter of bison at Yellowstone National Park, Texas. You can speak out against this government boondoggle by signing the Defenders of Wildlife petition now!


You or your business can join as a partner in helping to promote these and other conservation education efforts by making a donation of any size.

Join Friends of Big Bend Rio Bravo International Park Take Action Network has launched a new educational and political initiative to help establish the proposed Big Bend Rio Bravo International Park. To sign up simply subscribe to our email list to learn more about how you and your friends can help with this important international conservation effort.

Message from Rick LoBello on the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains Big Bend National Park

FREE - Join Friends of the Proposed Big Bend - Rio Bravo International Park Get involved, with your help this dream can become a reality!


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El Paso conservation groups launch new campaign to save desert wildlife habitat

Conservation groups in El Paso say that preserving wildlife habitat on both sides of the Franklin Mountains will benefit El Paso in several ways: preservation will help us sustain the scarce resource of water - an effort which includes all El Pasoans not just those living closer to the mountains; continued enjoyment of hiking and biking trails already in existence and utilized by the public; improvement of our quality of life especially as El Paso seeks to reach its goal of decreasing obesity and diabetes; protecting wildlife and making sure that they have adequate habitat and range in order to survive; and, ensuring that millions of dollars annually will come into El Paso through ecotourism as more and more people enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and other recreational activities in our mountains and the surrounding region. More

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